Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Cocktail Buzz Video: French 75 paired with shrimp cocktail

There’s nothing finer for a cocktail party than a French 75:
Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup . . . and champagne!

When our friend Debbie Briggs from Virginia asked us for a pairing that would be perfect for one of her ladies’ cocktail parties, we were ready for the challenge. We knew we wanted the French 75 to be the focus of our new video; it’s one of our favorite drinks: light, refreshing, happiness-inducing. An ideal place to start. So we looked in the cupboards and freezer for something that would go well with lemon juice and gin botanicals, the main flavor components of the French 75. We had some frozen shrimp, uncooked, tail on, in the freezer. Why not boil some up and use some of that cocktail sauce that had been in the fridge since earlier in the summer when we needed a quick hors d’oeuvre one night for an impromptu cocktail party?

Bingo! This pairing is so simple, and really a match made in heaven. The bright, tangy horseradish in the cocktail sauce plays amazingly well with the gin and lemon juice in the cocktail. And if you have a favorite prepared cocktail sauce, all this better! Just open the jar (and be sure to pour some in a cute serving bowl). This pairing is about simplicity. Hell, if you want to buy the precooked shrimp, we won’t tell (it may not taste as “shrimpy” as shrimp you boil yourself, but after a few sips of a French 75, no one will really notice).

We shot the video on two separate afternoons (sometimes the weather precludes a decent shoot on the terrace, and our first day proved to be a bit to blustery for our mic). But sometimes retakes can be a blessing, and we’re proud of the results. We even changed the opening and credit graphics since we upgraded our editing suite. Hope you like it. Click here to watch the French 75 { paired with shrimp cocktail }.

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