Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Julie White in New Cocktail Buzz Video: The Bird Nest { paired with deviled quail eggs }

Our friend actress Julie White is a sweetheart. She may not play them all the time (as her Tony-Award-winning turn as Diane, the Manolo-wearing Mephistophelean agent who will stop at nothing to make sure her most promising client rises to the top of the Hollywood food chain will confirm), but in real life, she is a food and champagne cocktail lover who wanted to be in our latest video. (Perhaps you’ve seen her judging the cuisine of Bobby Flay and Mario Batali on “Iron Chef America.” One of the secret ingredients was eggs. Little did she know she would be getting a whole lot more eggs at The Bird Nest—more on that later.)

When Julie returned to Brooklyn after a stint in L.A. (she played a flirty, boozy, politically incorrect business woman on the underrated “Cavemen”), she bought a new penthouse apartment that had three outdoor spaces (unheard of to most New Yorkers). Since she calls her place “The Bird Nest,” we thought a cocktail with that moniker was a no-brainer. But what to make it with? Julie loves light drinks, so champagne would make a perfect base. And adding a little blue curaçao not only adds a beautiful sky-blue hue, its light orange flavor is perfect with champagne. Top with a splash of silver tequila, place a half an orange slice on top, and you’ll be chirping and sipping, sipping and chirping.

But wait, there’s more. Deviled Quail Eggs! Yes, quail eggs. They are petite and perfect for an hors d’oeuvre. Easy to make, and easy for your guests to eat. So click here to watch the lovely and lively Julie White whip up some Deviled Quail Eggs with Steve, and then stir up trouble with some bubbly-laced Bird Nests with Paul, all on on our “Buzzed” page on our Web site, Cocktail Buzz.

photos © Steve Schul, Cocktail Buzz

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